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Get in touch today to discuss your upcoming event! LM Events LLC is local to DFW, but also plans around the globe. After a form is submitted Laycie will reach out to set up a time to chat further about your big day, future spouse and share a little more about herself as a planner!


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"Laycie was my coordinator. She was in constant communication with me in the months leading up to my wedding. She was able to answer all of my questions, perfect my timeline and utilize her expertise to make my wedding planning/wedding run smoothly. Laycie went above and beyond for me on my wedding day. The work she did behind the scenes did not go unnoticed. She was professional and able to problem solve on the spot. My perfect day would not have been possible without Laycie. Would highly recommend Laycie to anyone looking for a day of coordinator or wedding planner."


"Im so thankful we found Laycie! She was our day of coordinator and from the very beginning she was great. I would call and text her months before the wedding and she was always so helpful. She would check in on me multiple times and a month before the wedding she was completely hands on taking care of things. We had a meeting a month before with my husband and I, my parents, and Laycie. She was very prepared and ran through the whole day with us and answered my parents many many questions! I had a lot of not so normal visions/requests for my wedding day that I had no idea how we would pull off, and she came up with GREAT ideas and it all worked out so perfectly. She really had to go above and beyond.
Laycie and I talked many times about my vision/my expectations/what I wanted on my wedding day so she always made sure that no one did anything that went against what I told her I wanted. We would literally be in a group setting and someone would say something like "we should do this, this should go here, what about this, no it really needs to be like etc. etc" and I would just make eye contact with her and she knew I wasn't about it, and she would take care of it. She's truly awesome!
On the day of I just enjoyed myself and my friends/family and she took care of so many behind the scenes things. I really didn't have to worry about anything. She made sure everything was flowing the way we planned.
Laycie is also very emotionally intelligent and socially aware. She would talk to everyone, be super friendly and fun, she knew what "vibes" certain people needed throughout the day. We had lot's of people make unplanned toasts at the wedding and she just took it like a champ and organized it. Helped the photographers corral our families for photos as well as the wedding party.
She really took care of my husband and I the entire day. Making sure we were happy, got us our food, told us where to go and when to do it.
Once everything was done she danced and celebrated with us! Made sure we paid our security, and stayed late helping our families clean up the venue.
Laycie was a saving grace for my wedding and made everything so beautiful and fun! She rolls with the punches, is very organized, creative, and super sweet!
Do yourself a favor and hire Laycie as your coordinator! I 100000% recommend it!"
Thank You Laycie!!

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