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I can not wait to get to know you!

I love weddings. It’s all I do. My specialty as a wedding planner is providing personalized service from start to finish. I am dedicated to making your vision a reality, creating an unforgettable event. I have a great attention for details, love a good challenge and bringing people together. 

"Laycie was an absolute dream to work with. Our day could not have gone smoother. Over the last 10 months I gained so much trust in her that when our wedding day came I didn’t have to worry about one thing, I knew Laycie would take care of it. From fixing my dress to bringing us drinks and dinner, she hit all the nails on the head. Not only can I say that she is an amazing wedding planner, but I call her my friend now! Please please please do yourself a favor and hire her, you WILL NOT regret it. Laycie, we love you from the bottom of our hearts!!!"


"We hired Laycie as our day of coordinator and we got soooo lucky! She killed it! From sneaking my husband a lactaid pill at dinner completely stealthily, to getting our bubble machine working through some technical difficulties, to absolutely grinding through the clean up/set up…. She is also just a pleasure to communicate with and so easy to talk to! Highly recommend! You will not regret shelling out for a day of coordinator/wedding planner, and you will absolutely 10000% not regret choosing Laycie as yours!"


Our Passionate Team

"Other than getting married to my best friend, Laycie was the second best decision I made on my wedding day. Laycie just gets it. She is detailed and really thought about the little things that would take away any stress on our big day. She answered any crazy early or late voice memos/texts.
I think my temperament day-of has a lot to do with me fully trusting her that "Laycie will handle it". From set up to tear down, holding my fan to keep the Texas Heat bearable, from making our plates at dinner, and assisting of taking off my dress so I could really partyyy. She was there and ready.
She is easy to talk too and as my bridesmaids said "I want to be bestfriends with Laycie." & I know you will feel the same. I couldn't recommend enough hiring Laycie and trusting her fully to coordinate your big day!!!"

"Our venue required us to get a day of coordinator, and I am so glad they did because we ended up meeting Laycie! I was nervous at first thinking, "but shes so young?" But I know that if I went with anyone else, they would have forced 'their way' on our wedding instead of letting my visions come to life.
I actually ended up feeling sick on the day of my wedding, and there Laycie was, stepping up to set everything up in the reception hall, giving me her jacket because I was cold, and offering all the meds she had to make me feel better. During the cocktail hour, while we were all busy taking pictures, she (and the DJ) grabbed my husband and I some of the signature cocktails so we wouldn't miss out, she loaded up our plates with food so we could eat first and have time to converse with our guests, and you could tell she was running around during the event to make sure every little detail was checked and everything was running smoothly! Even during the reception, she was able to run with me to the bride suite to fix my 'boob tape' haha
Thank you Laycie for everything you did for us! It wouldn't have been the same without you there!
For all you future brides thinking, "do I really need a DOC?" the answer is yes.. yes you do. Don't rely on your mom/mother in law to do everything because they will miss out on the whole night! Relax on your big day, and let those special people in your life relax as well. The best way to do that is to hire Laycie Moore Weddings to be your coordinator!"

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